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It Features an LCD display, a unique designed display, this treadmill provides easy to read experience.
This treadmill saves you space for storage and it can fit almost anywhere for workouts. While working, it can be placed under standing desk, also folding design with built-in wheels allows you to slot it under a bed.
The motorized treadmill lets you power your own workout. The faster you run or walk, the faster the belt moves.
Large-area rubber running belt within compact duty treadmill is shock-absorbing and non-slip.
This running machine for home is a perfect machine for cardiovascular exercise, it will help kick start your fitness journey by helping you elevate blood circulation resulting in increased oxygen intake.

Used Lifelong Treadmill LLTM162 Fit Pro 2HP on Sale

Rs. 5000 (Negotiable)

Raju Balla

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