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Sparnod fitness STH-4000 Series 4.5 HP Peak Automatic Foldable Motorized Running Indoor Treadmill for Home

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  • Free Installation Service. | For free onsite installation service please feel free to reach out to our customer care team. | WARRANTY – Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
  • EXCELLENT CARDIO BENEFITS – The Treadmill is a perfect machine for cardiovascular exercise, it will help kick start your fitness journey by helping you elevate blood circulation resulting in increased oxygen intake. It also helps in increasing bone density, strengthening muscles, improving balance, coordination, endurance and mood.
  • MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT – 120 kg. | Sparnod Fitness recommends to choose a treadmill having an extra 25Kg user weight capacity than your current weight since the impact weight increases during running.
  • ASSEMBLY SIZE – 63.8 inch x 28.3 inch x 51.6 inch. | SPEED RANGE – 1-16 Km/h. | RUNNING SURFACE – 50 inches x 18 inches.
  • MOTOR – It is equipped with a powerful 2.25 HP (Continuous) and 4.5 HP (Peak) efficient DC Motor, works quietly regardless of the speed and intensity of the workout so it won’t interfere while listening to music or even watching TV and allow you to work out without disrupting others.
  • LED DISPLAY – The LED Display features a 5 inches wide digital screen that enables you to measure Distance travelled, Speed, Time, Pulse, Incline and how many Calories have been burned per session. It also consists of function buttons, quick speed options and quick incline options.
  • INCLINE OPTION – Increase workout intensity using 1-15% auto-incline to simulate walking / running uphill and burn more calories. | 12 PRE-SET PROGRAMS – 12 Built-in workout programs to choose different workouts and manual mode settings of Speed, Distance, Time, Calories and Pulse for customized workouts and maximize effect on your targeted areas.
  • HYDRAULIC FOLDABLE DESIGN – Hydraulic Foldable space saving design with built-in transportation wheels allows you to conveniently lift up and lay down the treadmill which makes it easy to set up almost anywhere in your home, making it a convenient addition to your daily exercise routine.
  • FEATURES – Hi-Fi speaker and Music options to play music using AUX/USB cable to listen to your favourite music. | Wheels for easy transportation. | 2 Cup Holders to conveniently hold your cups, bottles or devices. | Quick Incline options, Quick Speed options and 12 Pre-set options for customised workouts. | Pulse Sensors to monitor heart rate and Safety Key.
  • 8-LEVEL SHOCK ABSORPTION – The treadmill features high-density Anti-slip running belt with Variable (8-Level) Shock Absorption design that absorbs shock, reduces noise and provide superior cushioning to your back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles for premium comfort and maximum safety along with Steel frame to ensure durability and stability.



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